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Frequently Asked Questions

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Cleaning Service Providers are trained cleaning professional that specialize in a variety of cleaning fields. You may not have the time or the cleaning equipment to clean certain projects. Our Cleaning Service Providers are skilled in many areas of cleaning specialty services.

There are always costs associated with any cleaning project that must be factored into the budget. Our Cleaning Service Providers have the expertise and equipment that has been designed for a variety of cleaning services that range in price depending on the service provided.

FinalCleanup.com does not charge the property owners for submitting their cleaning projects. There is a cost for Cleaning Service Providers requesting a lead from us.

Usually up to 3 Cleaning Service Providers, after our careful review of your lead. FinalCleanup.com will match you with the best cleaning contractor for your project depending on your location, seasonality, and the type of project.

As soon as we confirm your project and verify your information, we will release the project to the best suited Cleaning Contractor in your area. Hopefully, the cleaning Contractor will call you the same day or within a few days to start the process.

Our Cleaning Service Providers register with FinalCleanup.com and provide their information to us. We scour the country looking for qualified professionals. We do not recommend any contractors that have been given poor reviews or if any project owners have given negative feedback.

It is always important for a property owner or a job site supervisor to do the necessary due diligence when hiring any contractor or service professional. Always ask if the Cleaning Service Provider is licensed and insured. Always ask for references from satisfied customers.

Always get prices and contracts taken care of before any work begins. With any home improvement project, there can be problems that come up. Always try to work with your Cleaning Service Provider to resolve any issues. Project surprises can create unexpected costs and delays but communication with your cleaning contractor is important. FinalCleanup.com is not responsible or liable for Cleaning Service Providers workmanship, insurances or day to day operations. In extreme cases of unsatisfactory work, you can report issues to your state Contracting Licensing Board.

Very. The more information you provide to us, the greater the chances we can find the right Cleaning Service Provider for you. In the description section of the estimating request form, describe exactly what you would like clean, your budget for the cleaning project, the location, and any other details missing from the pull-down menus.

Try to choose a category that is closest to your cleaning project and provide the rest of the details in the description section. For example, if you wanted to have your marble cleaned, you could select "floor care services" or "marble restoration"

Yes, many project owners would like more than one Cleaning Service Provider. Some project owners also act as their own contractor and use our service to hire subcontractors. Go to the main page www.FinalCleanup.com and click on button that says "Homeowner, business owner or building contractor, Post your Projects Here" and do this for every project you have.

No. You are under no obligation to work with any Cleaning service Provider we provide to you. Our service is here to provide you with qualified professionals to complete your cleaning project right.